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Monday - Friday
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Start Your Day With THE BAY!

The 5 Things You Need to Know Before You Go - Make sure you know what people will be talking about at work and online. At the top of every hour, you'll get the five things to know for the day ahead. Local events, the latest on social media and everything in between. The 5 Things You Need to Know Before You Go! sponsored by Living Styles Furniture and Mattress Showroom.

Hollywood Lowdown - What's the newest trash coming from Tinsel Town? Who's in rehab, who's dating, and what new crazy thing the Kardashians/Beibers/Mileys of Hollywood are doing? Find out at 8:30 every morning. Hollywood Lowdown is sponsored by the Arcata Garbage Company.

Movie Clip Mondays! - Start your work week off with a bang! Listen in on Monday mornings for our random movie clip.  Be the first caller to correctly identify the movie and you will win a date night on The Bay! Winner will receive two movie tickets to the Broadway or Mill Creek Cinemas plus a gift card to the new Humboldt Bay Bistro! Movie Clip Monday is sponsored by Coming Attraction Theaters and Humboldt Bay Bistro!